Thursday, 19 June 2014

@TORtheatre week 2

Weekly Update: The Other Room Theatre

I know you’re all curious, so here’s some more info on Cardiff’s very first pub theatre: The Other Room.

Although the venue is still top secret, I can share some details about the space. The Other Room is going to be built inside an already existing pub in the city centre, one you’ve probably visited once or twice. Turning part of a vibrant and busy pub into a top class performance venue isn’t going to be easy but the conversion allows the team to custom build every detail of the space. The finished theatre will be opened in January 2015 and I’m sure all the hard work will be worth it. The venue will be quite exclusive (small) at only 45 seats per night, so you’ll have to snap up tickets fast, especially for opening nights.

At such a hard time for the arts, with funding cuts coming from all angles, it may be a surprise that anyone would do something as crazy as build a theatre from scratch. The Other Room are determined to be ambitious despite the difficult times and it seems their very generous Kickstarter backers are just as determined too. All their donations will be put into creating a theatre that will have a lasting effect on the city, contributing to its cultural and economic climate for years to come. The Other Room is also committed to providing support for artists throughout all stages of their careers. Obviously they will be inviting the very best established talent to work with them, but they will also be giving a vital chance to emerging artists through their development scheme.

Alongside all the technical business of building a venue the team have also been busy preparing their first season of work. The Kickstarter money has allowed The Other Room to secure the performance rights for two great modern plays that will kick off their first season. Unfortunately we are all going to have to wait a little longer to find out what the very first productions to be seen at The Other Room will be.

In the mean-time head over to:
the Kickstarter campaign to see what the funds raised will be used for (and some funny videos of the team)
Facebook to ‘like’ The Other Room
Twitter to follow @TORtheatre for updates about the theatre.

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