Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hilarious Sketch Comedy in Cardiff

Pick N Mixx
Double Dipp
Sherman Theatre2
28th Jan 2015

Cardiff’s newest comedy duo Double Dipp had the sell-out audience in stitches with their debut performance Pick N Mixx at Sherman Cymru.

The pair consists of writer Geraint Jones and performer Louisa Lorey. Together they have created a range of weird and wonderful characters that share their madcap talents and odd life stories – often asking the audience to get involved in the action.

Lorey in character

Lorey showcased her impressive comic timing and huge array of accents, seemingly able to morph into a completely unrecognisable person with each costume change. From Petra the feminist, performance poet to Beverly the dubious psychic medium each new funny lady delivered on the gags and left the audience wanting more.

It’s so refreshing to see such funny female characters, that don’t rely on all the usual clich├ęs or stereotypes. Instead  Double Dipp have breathed new life into stock characters and made them their own.

A selection of the great audience feedback

This show is sure to delight wherever it goes and would be certain to succeed at the Edinburgh Fringe. As the pair continue to develop the piece it will be great to see more of these characters – most of whom could sustain a full length show by themselves.

A hilarious evening of entertainment that will leave you aching with laughter.

Pick N Mixx will be at Swansea’s Grand Theatre Arts Wing on March 6th: